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        Caracas, Venezuela

    Venezuelan Tv

    ARGYLEtv allows you to watch Venezuelan tv live online, broadcasted from Venezuela in Spanish. Venezuela has many television stations, with many different types of television programs like: Arts, Fashion, Movies, Educational programming, Sports(Football, Basketball, Soccer, Cricket), News, Current Events, Religious Programs, and Music. ARGYLEtv allows you to watch some of those types of live tv programs. If you are studying Spanish in a college or high school level course, listening to these television channels will definitely help you improve your understanding of Spanish. Listening alone will not help you earn a Masters degree or Phd in Spanish, but it will certainly help.

  • ANTV
  • Promar TV
  • Telesur TV
  • Urbe TV
  • Venezolana de TV

  • Whitezoom
  • Proclamacion TV
  • Somos
  • Somos TV
  • Tele Luz
  • Telesur TV
  • VEN Television